george pushdragon (pushdragon) wrote in punctuators,
george pushdragon

Pearls of wisdom from Terry Pratchett at a talk I attended tonight. On the subject of writing:

"Use adjectives like they cost you a finger. Use exclamation marks like they cost you an eye."

Ah, the humble exclamation mark!

Does anyone use them?

Apart from in direct speech where they function more like a stage direction than a punctuation mark and convey tone of voice ("Not with Malfoy. Ron, tell me you didn't!") ... apart from that, does anyone use exclamation marks in third person narrative? Have you ever? In what context? Care to quote the paragraph? With the emotional distance of a third person narrator, I just can imagine a situation carrying sufficient drama ever to require one.

Am I wrong? Or are we, perhaps, not using them *enough*?

Just curious.
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