Too Much No Porn (nimori) wrote in punctuators,
Too Much No Porn

Admin: Tagging

I've added some tags to the community to make finding answers easier. There are two categories of tags:

Type of Post
  • Discussion

  • Essays and Tips

  • Quick-Fix Question (help for a specific sentence)

  • Resources

Subject of Post
  • Punctuation

  • Structure

  • Style (topics that are more opinion than hard rule)

  • Confusables (who vs. whom, then vs. than, you and I vs. you and me, etc.)

Ideally each post should use a tag from each category, but I understand that might not be possible if you don't know what the problem is. Just make sure to tag with a type (discussion, essay, quick-fix, or resource) when you post, and if you want, go back and edit once you understand what the subject is. General questions go under discussion.

Please leave a comment if you see a need for another tag.
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